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Find Local Tournaments

We love tournaments at ChalkySticks. We encourage people to participate in them, find more, and host them. You can find local tournaments through our app, read details about the event, register early, and more.

Real Time Brackets

Where is everyone at a tournament? Crowded around the director trying to read the tournament bracket sheet. If someone hosts a tournament using ChalkySticks, you can follow along with the bracket in real time on your phone. No more bothering the director every 5 minutes.


You can see who else is attending the event and let others know you plan on attending. Some events even let you pay for your spot ahead of time.*

* Non-refundable tickets, unless the event doesn’t happen.

Host a tournament

We encourage everyone to host tournaments and so we provide software that makes it easier. Using a computer or tablet, you can setup an event, view the roster, manage the bracket, and accept payments. We allow for single and double elimination tournaments.

Manage Roster

When people register for the tournament, they are entered into the roster automatically with their profile, rank, photo, etc. You can manually add players for those entering the tournament outside of ChalkySticks and manage it all in one place.

Manage Table Numbers

It’s important to know who is playing on what table and what you have available. The bracket view will let you mark down what matches are on what tables. You'll be able to easily see where everyone is.

Single vs Double Elimination

Single elmination is fun, but double elimination is even better. You can setup a tournament to do either and we’ll provide the proper bracket to reflect that. Don’t worry about “Loser goes to C5,” we’ll take care of that automatically.

Contact Us

The tournament tool can be confusing to use at first if you're unfamiliar with how it works. Reach out to us and ask for help on getting started with your first tournament. It's important to be responsible about the venue, your players, timing, etc. This is only meant for people serious about hosting tournaments.