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Advanced pool table diagrammer


Share High Quality Diagrams

Our diagrams are saved in high quality vector format. This means you they never lose quality no matter how large you scale them. You can embed them on forums, share them on social media, or view them in great detail through a tablet.

Clear Ball Design

We provide a variety of ball types to let you diagram most games you can think of. There are numbered balls, yellow/red, measle cue balls, and more.

Plenty of Tools

Pad offers a lot of tools to make your diagrams clear to others, including keyboard shortcuts for each one. You can add text onto the table, dashed and solid lines, arrows, colored lines, different table sizes, and more.

Explain Your Shot

Every diagram has fields for title and description. It helps add a bit of context around the setup and the intent of the shot. There is also a speed bar and a spin indicator.