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Proudly made in New York City

ChalkySticks was designed, built, and tested in Manhattan. The goal is to create tools for pool players that enhance your game, help you meet new players, and generally promote cue sports.

This has been a solo non-profit venture and will continue to remain free for use. If you wish to help, contact us. Easy ways to help are by submitting new venues and donating:


The idea for ChalkySticks came up back in 2013 after wandering around the midtown looking for a place to play a couple quick games. It was frustrating to not know which places had tables, but it was even more frustrating to find a place with ripped up felt, obstructions, and a worse crowd.

Matt Kenefick built a quick prototype to catalog pool tables in Manhattan to solve this, then realized it would be beneficial to have it in other areas too.

Pad was built due to other tools that require Flash or Shockwave installed. It was intended to be a high quality alternative that uses HTML5, SVG, and standardized tools.

ChalkySticks is an eco-system of tools for pool players to help promote the game, solving problems, and helping out the pool community. Right now, it's an unpaid one-man job.

If you have trouble with something, don't complain, help. Send feedback, let us know what your thoughts are.